Keeping a Gratitude Journal {with Printables} | Mini Lesson


Teach children how to write thankful thoughts for 30 days by keeping a gratitude journal. This e-book is loaded with journaling ideas and tips to make their gratitude project focused and fun.

Includes 13 beautiful and varied printable journaling pages.

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Grades K-8


Does your home resemble Grumbletown? Is everyone wearing you down with their bickering and squabbling? Are tempers flaring? Do you find yourself long on complaints and short on compliments? Sounds like your children may be in need of an attitude makeover---and there's no time like the present to begin cultivating gratitude in your family!

Keeping a Gratitude Journal: How to Write Thankful Thoughts for 30 Days

This mini lesson teaches kids how to keep a 30-day gratitude journal. It's loaded with journaling ideas and tips to make their gratitude project focused and fun. In addition, you'll find 13 colorful---and beautifully designed---printable journaling pages.

Grades K-2

  • Pages to draw pictures of people, places, or things they're grateful for, with lined spaces to describe their drawings
  • Thank-you letter template with grade-level lined writing spaces
  • Prewriters have permission to dictate their thankful thoughts to a parent or older sibling

Grades 2-8

  • Assortment of whimsical, beautiful journal pages for kids to record their thoughts daily or weekly
  • Delightful thank-you letter template
  • Bullet journal pages
  • Journal jar strips for expressing daily gratitude

Grades 6-8

  • Several pages that specifically appeal to older students and encourage meaningful expressions of thanksgiving

Part 1: Journaling Guide with Instructions and Tips

This lesson is designed as a 30-day writing activity, but you can adapt it to use any way you choose!

  • Plan Your Journal
  • Count Your Blessings
  • Write Them Down
  • Other Activities That Encourage Gratitude

Part 2: Gratitude Journal Printable Pages

  • My Gratitude Journal
  • It's Good to Be Thankful
  • 15 Things
  • 15 More Things
  • This Week I'm Thankful For
  • The Best Thing About Today (for older children)
  • The Best Thing About Today (for younger children)
  • Today I am grateful for...
  • Gratitude Is an Attitude
  • Thankful for the Little Things
  • I'm Thankful for You! (letter-writing template for older children)
  • I'm Thankful for You! (letter-writing template for younger children)
  • Journal Jar Strips





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Kim Kautzer

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Grades K-8


Printables, PDF (available for immediate download)



It is perfect for all ages. I love the spaces for my little guys to draw + lots of pages for my older kiddos to write and journal.
Jamie, homeschool mommy to 8 blessings

I am thrilled with your gratitude journal pages. I work at a Refugee school in Malaysia teaching Biology and English as a second language. I have been able to incorporate these pages into my English class. I have seen a change in my students’ attitude, behavior and general outlook on life.
Shauna Whiteside