Month: January 2011

8 favorite apps for language arts

Today's homeschoolers are finding that the use of technology and applications (apps) meld seamlessly with traditional textbooks and other educational tools. The following applications can be found in the Apple iTunes store.  While these are paid apps, the fee...

In Our Write Minds: 2010 in review

Do you ever wonder if your writing makes a difference? As I blog about teaching writing, the thought crosses my mind from time to time: Do I offer anything of substance to weary homeschooling moms of reluctant writers? Do my tips and ideas bring encouragement and...

Out with the old, in so many words

new adj. original unspoiled novel fresh unfamiliar cutting-edge improved untouched pristeen unused beckoning untried refreshed   . . . . . Happy New Year! May 2011 be the best and brightest for you and yours. ~Kim