Writing 100 word stories appeals to reluctant writers and helps drive home the importance of writing descriptive, concise sentences.

Writing concisely is such an important writing skill. Challenging your 4th-8th graders to write 100-word stories is a fun way to encourage them to choose their words wisely. Not only will this activity appeal to your more reluctant writers, it helps drive home the importance of writing descriptive, concise sentences.


  1. Read a few familiar folk tales, fairy tales, or fables together.
  2. Have your children choose one of their favorites and place it in a new setting (in the past, the future, outer space, or a laboratory, for example).
  3. Next, have them add characters such as a robot, scientist, detective, or superhero.
  4. Instruct them to write a story that has exactly 100 words. It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  5. Try doing this exercise several times. Then, ask your children to pick one of their stories and turn it into a polished final piece. At this point, feel free to let them use more than 100 words, but only as long as they don’t repeat main words and the extra words are really necessary to the story’s success.

Teach kids how to write 100-word stories! It appeals to reluctant writers and encourages descriptive, concise sentences.


  1. Kim

    Thanks, JoJo. Conciseness is such an important skill. Why not have fun while practicing? 🙂


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