‘Tis the season to abandon spelling rules

I’m pretty sure cake decorators have to pass some sort of spelling test. Apparently, this doesn’t apply to seasonal help. . .

Well, I suppose this would be OK if you were ordering a cake for a chef . . .

And Happy Hally Days to you, too!

What you might wish a hippopotamus at this merry time of year.

. . . . .

Stop by every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday for a peek into the world of spelling, punctuation, or grammar gone wrong!

Photos used with permission from Jen at CakeWrecks
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  • Posted December 15, 2010


    As the Cake Wrecks blog demonstrates daily, there are no spelling or reading comprehension tests required to be a cake decorator! 😉

  • Posted December 15, 2010

    Julie Grant

    LOL – Too funny! Mary Chrismas to you!

    • Posted December 15, 2010


      @Shauna: So true! (Hope you realized I was being silly.) 🙂

      @Julie: And a Marry Christnos right back atcha!

  • Posted December 15, 2010


    I always get such a kick out of these blunders! LOL
    How horrible, really!

  • Posted December 15, 2010


    @Heidi: Isn’t it awful? It’s becoming epidemic.

  • Posted December 15, 2010

    JoJo Tabares

    Merry Christamus to you too!

  • Posted December 18, 2010


    You know, for the “pun-at-heart”, “Seasoning’s Greetings” might make a clever name for a spice shop! 🙂

  • Posted December 18, 2010


    It would, Janet!

  • Posted January 1, 2011


    These are fun! I always enjoy Cake Wreaks.

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