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Yes! You Can Learn How To Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, And Build A Successful Writing Career. The tips and advice you’ll discover in this book will probably be different from everything you’ve heard about writing for children. Award-winning children’s author Nancy Sanders teaches you:

  • Where to look for small publishers who want to see YOUR ideas—and how to connect with them—before you ever write one single word of your manuscript.
  • How to earn income while you’re learning how to write a story.
  • How to build and maintain a successful part-time or full-time career as a children’s writer.
  • Strategies many career writers use to increase their income and pay their bills.

You can get published, learn how to be successful, and earn a decent income as a children’s writer. Not overnight…not for quick cash…and not in a haphazard way. Nancy’s advice comes from practical experience in the real world of children’s publishing. As she shares the strategies and techniques that work for her, she encourages you to implement them into your own journey.

  • Index included
  • For teen and adult writers of all levels
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (10th Edition)

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Nancy I. Sanders


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I read this book. And [then I] wrote a children’s book that was actually published by a traditional publisher. Thank you Nancy Sanders!!
Anna, Internet

As a new writer, I sometimes get discouraged or disappointed with this journey. Nancy assures the reader that the road is tough, but can be travelled. She offers insight, ideas, and hope for all writers, new and experienced.
Beth, Pennsylvania

“An honest, realistic guide … Nancy I. Sanders demystifies the process from pen to paycheck … [It’s] like having your own personal writing coach at your side.”
Aimee Jackson, Senior Editor, Sleeping Bear Press

I highly recommend Yes! You Can to writers of all levels. Nancy I. Sanders’ commonsense techniques and helpful tips can turn any writer into a success. How do I know? I landed my first picture book contract by applying her methods. If I can, you can, too!
Catherine L. Osornio, Children’s Book Author and Freelance Writer
Follow the advice given in [this] book and your chances of becoming a published author more than quadruple! I was one of those writers who only wrote when I got an inspiration. Then I searched for publishers who might like what I wrote. Nancy has taught me to get the contract BEFORE I write the book. On my first try at doing this, I was contacted by a publisher and asked to send a partial manuscript. Needless to say, I became a believer! Read her book, follow the advice, and see how wide the doors of the publishing world open for you, too.
Gloria McQueen Stockstill, Speaker and Author of four board books

It is every writer’s dream to have their book sold to a publisher before it is even written. But that’s no pipe dream! Not with Yes! You Can: Learn How To Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, And Build A Successful Writing Career. This is a 366-page compendium of insider information, tips, tricks, techniques, tactics and strategies that can be readily adopted by anyone seeking to establish themselves as professional authors and earn their living by writing books for young readers. Yes! You Can is more than just a ‘how to’ instruction manual for beginning children’s books authors, it is a combination workshop, seminar, tutorial, professional reference, career guide, and inspiring motivational. 
Midwest Book Review

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (10th Edition)