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Here’s an exciting resource for teaching students to write historical fiction loosely based on their own family tree. Family Fiction leads them through each step of the research, writing, and editing process.

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Did you know historical fiction is growing on your family tree?

Every young writer of historical fiction has plenty of inspiration just waiting to be plucked from his or her family tree. Family Fiction (formerly Family Tree) enables students to harvest this vast crop by producing short (or long!) stories that are not only thoroughly researched and well-written, but heirlooms to be treasured by your family for generations to come.

Presented in three phases—Research, Writing, and Editing—this workbook guides both student and parent through the process of gathering historical information, weaving fact and fiction together to create a plot, and then refining both content and style to fashion a unique and exciting work of fiction.

The guide is self directed for the high school or gifted writer, but if you’re teaching younger students, you’ll appreciate “Andrea’s Homeschool Tips.” This veteran homeschool mom suggests specific ways to use Family Fiction with reluctant or inexperienced younger writers ages 10-13. Her instructor’s guide and detailed schedule will be especially helpful.

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Additional Information

  • Family FICTION and Family TREE have identical content. The only difference is the binding. Family Fiction has an updated perfect binding, whereas the older edition, Family Tree, has a saddle-stitched binding. (Family Tree is available at a clearance prices while supplies last.)
  • Family Fiction is a supplement to your current writing curriculum. Its primary focus is developing content and providing techniques for maturing a student’s writing style. It assumes that the student is comfortable with the basics of sentence and paragraph construction.
  • Lessons lead students through each step of the research, writing, and editing process. Though it may be used independently of WriteShop, this workbook is ideal for students who have completed WriteShop I or II.
  • Completing a creative writing project will vary anywhere from 4-10 weeks.
  • Family Fiction is an invaluable resource for Boy Scouts, as there are three merit badges that relate to this topic.

Copyright Info

Purchaser has permission to make copies of the assignments, charts, and pages for multiple children and multiple projects within the immediate family ONLY.


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Jennifer Johnson Garrity


Brimwood Press



Grade Level

Ages 10 and up




Perfect bound, Paperback, 8.5″ x 11″


Parent educators have permission to reproduce workbook pages for family use ONLY


This is one of the most exciting writing assignments we could ever pursue as a family.
Brandy, homeschool mom

I really like how the author stresses writing a story (not a report) and adding historical facts and tidbits without overwhelming the reading audience.
Amy O’Quinn, Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Even if you know little to nothing about the actual ancestor, your kids will learn to research the time period and make up realistic stories about their distant relatives. My own great-grandfather Nachman was born in Russia or Poland around 1849. He immigrated to New York in 1901, where he earned a living as a peddler. It might seem impossible to write a story about someone like Nachman, but Family Fiction shows how to research period details such as clothing and transportation so a child can make up a historically accurate story about a day in the life of “Nachman the Peddler”—no matter how few factual details exist!
Kim Kautzer, In Our Write Minds

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