All About Homophones by Marie Rippel

All About Homophones


So many English words sound the same, yet they’re spelled differently. Teachers and homeschooling parents often find it difficult to explain homophones and homonyms to students. All About Homophones helps you demystify these often-confusing words through engaging worksheets and games.

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“If there are mice in their barn, they’re going to need a cat” is a perfect example of why many children (and even some adults) have trouble with homophones. “Spell-check” won’t catch homophone errors—because it’s about meaning, not spelling. It’s so important that kids learn these language arts skills when they’re young.

Need help teaching these often-confusing words? Award-winning All About Homophones comes to the rescue! This book is a complete teaching tool kit that helps you demystify homophones and homonyms for students. They’ll learn and master spelling easily through interesting worksheets and games they love to play.

Target homophones appear in large lettering at the top of each worksheet. Worksheets feature ten fill-in-the-blank exercises with additional activities or fun facts at the bottom of each page. There’s also an entire page of suggestions offering lots more ideas for using the sheets.

All About Homophones Tool Kit offers:

  • One book containing reproducible lessons for grades 1-8
  • Customizable lessons
  • Graphic organizers for better visual understanding
  • 101 engaging homophone worksheets that students actually enjoy completing
  • Fun games and activity challenges to easily motivate students. Students learn about homophones while playing classic card game favorites like Snap! and Pig. They’ll enjoy exploring homophones through crossword puzzles, riddles, tongue twisters, and puns, too.

In fact, All About Homophones gives you over 240 pages of engaging homophone activities, homophone games, spelling resources, and teaching tools for more homophones than you can shake a stick at. Get your very own All About Homophones Tool Kit to perk up your lessons and make them fun!

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Marie Rippel



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Grades 1-8 and above






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What Parents Are Saying…

All About Homophones has proven to be an excellent resource to help my son learn these frustrating sets of words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings.
Heidi, Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter

You can easily incorporate the worksheets, crossword puzzles, graphic organizers, and games into your regular spelling or language arts curriculum.
Shauna, Treasure Seekers

All About Homophones provides a wealth of resources that homeschooling families can pick and choose from to either put the spotlight on specific trouble-making homophone groups, or to put together a complete homophone course of study for grades one through eight. 
Jennifer Bogart, Quiverfull Family

My son took an instant liking to the activities in this book. He’s not a worksheet kind of kid, but he enjoyed doing these. On his own, he even started mentioning homophones he’d find to me. 
Heidi Miller-Ford, Fortunately for You Books


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