100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum – 75% off

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CLEARANCE – 75% OFF! This excellent resource is especially helpful for new homeschoolers. Cathy Duffy helps you determine your teaching style, your children’s learning styles, and the best curriculum fit for everyone. Includes over 100 product reviews.

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Clearance! 75% off the 2005 edition while supplies last. Many of Cathy’s recommended products are valid curriculum options that are still available today!

Homeschool expert Cathy Duffy has come to the aid of parents as you pick your way through today’s vast sea of educational materials. You’ve probably noticed that while certain products seem to mesh beautifully with your teaching philosophy, they don’t always appeal to your kids’ learning styles. So how do you make wise choices? In her simple and straightforward style, Cathy presents her 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum to help you navigate the often-cloudy waters of homeschool products.

The key to successful home education, homeschool veterans will tell you, is determining your educational philosophy and marrying it to your child’s learning style. 100 Top Picks makes it easy for home educators to select the right curriculum for each family situation and each child’s learning style.

Widely recognized curriculum expert Cathy Duffy walks you through the curriculum-selection process:

  • goal setting
  • figuring out which educational approach to use
  • developing your own philosophy of education
  • determining your teaching style, and identifying your children’s learning styles

“At-a-glance” charts highlight key features of each Top Pick selection. Scanning through the charts allows you to quickly identify products that interest you. The charts are followed by extensive reviews of each of Cathy’s Top Picks. Now you can make an informed decision in choosing the right educational books for your children!

Narrowing down to what Cathy considers the top products on the market makes this process manageable for parents—you need not sort through the entire universe of products before you can find something suitable. 100 Top Picks gives just the right balance of guidance and choices so you can make well-informed decisions about your curriculum purchases. Cathy will give you her top picks from every subject area, approaching each one through a Christian worldview perspective. This book is a welcome addition to every homeschool bookshelf.

Cathy Duffy features WriteShop among her 100 Top Picks, recognizing that “parents who lack confidence in their own ability to teach their students to write [need] a resource that takes the guess work out of the process.”

About the Author

Cathy Duffy is well known as a curriculum expert. She has researched and written about curricula for home education for more than 25 years. In addition to her book, Cathy publishes her reviews online at Cathy home educated her own three sons through high school and has also taught numerous groups of both children and adults. Her extensive research and experience have made her a popular speaker at home education conferences around the world. 

Handbook for Teaching in a Group Setting (Ebook)
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (10th Edition)

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Reviews of 100 Top Picks

Cathy Duffy has been one of my guides during the past twelve years, and has greatly influenced my children’s education … Duffy’s 100 Top Picks and her curriculum manuals help me find my bearings whenever life changes enough that we need to adjust our home school style. 
Annie Kate, Curriculum Choice

Cathy Duffy makes navigating the rocky course of choosing curricula much easier for new homeschooling parents. With her introduction of learning styles and methods, parents can assess their children’s needs and find new learning opportunities among the curricula reviewed. Veteran parents will also find this book helpful in adapting curricula as children grow and change.

Cathy Duffy’s 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum is right a the top of my list of favorite books for new homeschoolers.

Top Picks assisted me in not only defining my style of teaching but how each of my children learn best. With the curriculum descriptions I was able to select and consider curriculum that would work best for my family saving me much time, money and frustration. I have suggested this book to many other homeschoolers and will always suggest this book to those just entering homeschool.
Kris P., homeschooling parent

One of the best investments a homeschooling family can make! It is extremely useful when considering different curriculum choices … This book needs to be on every homeschoolers shelf!
Deanne S., homeschooling parent

Handbook for Teaching in a Group Setting (Ebook)
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (10th Edition)