The reality

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“You will be judged, for your entire life, on the basis of how well you write. If you write well, people will think you are smart. If you write poorly, they will think you are dumb. That is perhaps unfair, but it is the reality, and you might as well face it now.”

–Robert Pasnau

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  • Posted June 9, 2010

    JoJo Tabares


  • Posted June 11, 2010

    amy in peru

    frustratingly true. so, how will I send my kids out into the world… oh I hope it all starts sinking in soon!

    amy in peru

  • Posted June 11, 2010


    Ah, Amy, they’ll be fine! They’re still pretty young. My son was such a late bloomer, with grammar, writing, and spelling skills finally sinking in once he turned 15 or so. And he has kept improving ever since.

    I know you’ll lead them well. 🙂

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