Incredible homeschool sale benefits a family in need!

3 Truths about Homeschoolers

As a 15-year homeschooling veteran, I’ve discovered three truths about most homeschoolers:

  • We love a bargain, especially on curriculum!
  • We’re a passionate bunch.
  • We watch out for and care for each other.

Now you have a chance to prove just how true this is! Let me explain.

A Special Family

Some of you may be familiar with the wonderful homeschooling company, Hands and Hearts. The owners, Jeff and Kate Estes, create fabulous hands-on history kits you can use to supplement your history studies.

Not one of us is immune to life’s trials, but the Estes family has experienced more than their share. I cannot tell you how much I admire their deeply rooted faith. If you’ve had a chance to follow Kate’s blog, you know that in the midst of their darkest hours, their faith and peace has been a tremendous inspiration.

These past several years have produced a string of exceptional trials for this family:

  • Last spring, their Hands and Hearts business was stopped temporarily by unreasonable CPSIA regulations,creating tremendous hardship as the company’s profitability took a nosedive.
  • Their little 3-year-old Noah suffers with mitochondrial disease. Ultimately, this rare disease will claim his life. He is hospitalized frequently—and often suddenly—leaving Kate to drop everything to rush him to the hospital.
  • Jeff has been out of work for many months. He has been unable to land another job that gives him the flexibility to care for their other seven children while Kate is at the hospital with Noah many miles away. Their savings has been exhausted and they are close to losing their home.

A Chance to Give . . . and Receive!

When their fellow Christian publishers heard what was going on, we all jumped in to try to help. Check out this incredible way you can bless the Estes family and get nearly 10X your donation back in gifts from homeschool publishers you know and trust, including:

I’m putting out a call to action! Can you help this dear family? If so, by making a small donation of only $39, you’ll receive over $350 worth of fantastic products .

Not only that, if you donate $39 or more, your name also goes into a drawing for several Super Prize Packages. There are two Grand Prizes valued at over $849 each, and three First Prizes, valued at over $100 each. Among the prizes is a WriteShop package worth over $100!

So please:

  • Show your passion!
  • Help another homeschooling family!
  • And land a bargain for yourself in the process!

If you would like to receive a fantastic assortment of homeschool goodies while helping Jeff and Kate, please click here. Even if you’re not a homeschooler and you would just like to make a donation without taking the products, you’re welcome to do that as well. The sale continues through January 30.

Edited: The benefit sale has ended, but if you’d still like to make a donation, please click here and find the PayPal button.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this very difficult situation. And whether or not you are able to donate, would you please remember to pray for this dear family?

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory.”  Ephesians 3:20-21

With deepest appreciation,

Photos courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons 2.0, Kate Estes, and stock.xchg.
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  • Posted January 24, 2010

    Melanie Young

    Great write up, Kim! I can’t think of a more worthy family. May the Lord bless them with abundant provision through the love of the brethren.


  • Posted January 24, 2010


    I couldn’t agree more, Melanie!

  • Posted January 25, 2010


    I want to send this out to my homeschool group but know there will be questions. How exactly does it work? Do you choose what items you get based on age of your child or do you just get various products? I think this is great cause and to spread the word so pleaes let me know.


    • Posted January 25, 2010


      Donna: How kind of you to want to help get the word out!

      If you visit the Estes Benefit Sale page, you’ll find specific instructions, along with descriptions of the products that are included in the package. All of the products are digital, meaning they will come to you as a downloadable e-book or MP3 audio. Most of the products seem useful for a wide variety of ages. Several are products that Mom will enjoy (for example: tips for getting organized, recipe books, an encouragement package, etc.) You can see them all here. This is the $350-for-$39 bundle.

      In additon, for a $57 donation, donors receive the above bundle PLUS a one-year print subscription to The Old Schoolhouse magazine, with all proceeds going to the Estes family.

      PLUS, anyone who donates above and beyond the minimum $39 or $57 will also receive over $150 in additional gifts, though these remain a surprise!

      Finally, all names will be entered into a drawing for the Super Packages. Two of these packages are worth over $849, and several are worth $100. All of these are tangible items (books, CDs, etc.) that will be shipped to the winners directly from the sponsor companies.

      Again, I’m just trying to spread the word myself, but you can read all the specifics of the sale here:

      Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I pray that God richly blesses Jeff and Kate through the support of the homeschooling community.


  • Posted January 26, 2010


    What a great thing to do. Please add my e-mail address to get your blog. Thank you. Susan

    • Posted January 26, 2010


      Susan: I’m sorry to say we’re not set up to send email notices from the blog. I try to post a new article or other tidbit 3-4 times a week, so you can save In Our Write Minds in your Favorites and visit it often. But in order to get actual notice of new posts, I hope you’ll try one of these options:

      1. Sign up to get the blog feed:

      2. Become a Facebook fan of WriteShop, where new blog posts show up automatically.

      Hope that helps!

  • Posted January 29, 2010


    Beautiful, beautiful boy! May God bless him and his family! I will keep them in my prayers…

  • Posted January 29, 2010


    I know the Esteses truly appreciate any prayers on Noah’s and their behalf, Barbara. I know you took time to donate tonight. Thanks for your kindness.

  • Posted February 2, 2010

    pamela rivers

    Hi Kim, Can you please tell me how to send an additional donation. I tried the “click here” button above, but was not able to access the paypal area.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Pamela Rivers

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