5 First lines: Fun writing prompts that spark enthusiasm

Fun writing prompts that provide the first line of each paragraph. Your child’s imagination will fill in the rest!

LET your children try these fun writing prompts, and see how far their creativity takes them! We provide the first line of each paragraph, and a child’s imagination will fill in the rest.

1. Every Kid’s Dream House

When I build the perfect tree house, it will include four spectacular features.

2. Operation X-Ray Vision

Making a superhero costume from stuff around the house is actually quite easy.

3. It’s Classified

This book will self-destruct in fifteen minutes, so follow these directions carefully.

4. A Modest Proposal

Dear Mom & Dad: Here is my detailed plan to redecorate my bedroom.

5. D.I.Y. Fashion

With a jar of paperclips, beads, and mismatched buttons, you can transform any item of clothing.

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Photo: Wonderlane, courtesy of Creative Commons
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