Dr. Seuss meets the CPSIA


Heather Idoni of the Homeschooler’s Notebook and BelovedBooks.com has exposed the folly of the CPSIA in a brilliant and humorous way—she Seussified it!

Heather says: 

    Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) wrote children’s stories that were also often social commentary. Here is a great activity for creative students who love the style of Dr. Seuss. Pick a current event or controversy in the news today (ie: illegal aliens, health care, etc.) and write an imaginary story in classic Seuss style!
    I have chosen to write a story myself that demonstrates my strong feelings about a law I do not agree with — the CPSIA. You can read more about that law at the following links:

Not only will you love Heather’s Seussish spoof, you’ll be inspired to encourage your kids to write their own! 

Her story begins:

    In the town of Beddubble, far out on the Moor,
    there lived a small tot, who was not more than four.
    Little Annabelle Ruth (her close friends would recall)
    had swallowed the string off a dilly-dunk ball.
    And then in the Spring of two thousand and one,
    she died of the thing that the string must have done.
    They were sure of this fact, though the details were thin —
    “Something HAS to be done, we have GOT to begin!”
    Those dilly-dunk balls that tots spin on a string
    are quite dangerous toys — What a horrible thing! . . .

What fun! You can read the rest of Heather’s story here . . .  And I hope you take on the challenge to write your own social commentary—Dr. Seuss style!

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