CPSIA: What happens when the hammer falls?

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As a writer/publisher of books for children and teens, I’m deeply troubled by the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and its far-reaching and impractical implications for anyone who markets to children 12 and under. And I’m certainly not alone. 

A whole lot of blogging energy is being expended—with the number of posts growing exponentially—on the subject of the CPSIA, whose great hammer will slam down on the multi-billion dollar children’s industry in one month.

Furthermore, as the mainstream media has (finally) gotten wind of all this, some excellent articles have begun to crop up online as well. Below are some links to informative articles, blogs, and correspondence that clearly articulate the devastating potential of CPSIA on small businesses (and on our already flailing economy).

WorldNetDaily: Is Feb. 10 financial doomsday for thousands?

The Homeschooler’s Notebook: The Sale of Children’s Books to Be Banned (includes links and calls to action)

Book Burning and CPSIA

Talking Points from Rick Woldenberg, Chairman, of Learning Resources, who has been championing this cause for some time now

Wall Street Journal: Vendors Urge Relaxed Lead-Safety Rule

Association of American Publishers’ letter to CPSC (AAP is fighting for an exemption for books and other paper products)

TheSmartMama.com updates her blog almost daily with the most current CPSIA news

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Feel free to comment and leave links to other helpful, informative articles and blogs.

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