Journal prompts for cat-loving kids

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Do your kids go crazy for cats? These aren’t your typical about-my-cat journal prompts, so tempt them to pick up their pens and pencils and have some fun!

1. A Perfect Storm

What would happen if it really rained cats and dogs?

2. Wait for It…

Use your imagination to write about what a cat is thinking as she quietly sits and watches a bird.

3. Close Encounter

You wake up in your tent on day eleven of an African safari. Stepping outside, you suddenly come face to face with a noble lion. What thoughts rush through your mind, and how do you react?

4. Splat! Went the Cat

Draw a comic strip about a feisty feline using only pictures and onomatopoeia — “sound words” such as buzz, whack, knock, thump, meow, splash, and boom.

5. Friends Welcome?

Do you think someone should keep pet cats if family members or friends are allergic? Explain your opinion.

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Photo: Robert Couse-Baker, courtesy of Creative Commons.
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  • Posted April 24, 2013


    Is that a Tonkinese? We have a platinum mink Tonk, this one looks like a natural. So cute!

    • Posted April 29, 2013


      You know, I’m not sure! We find many of our photos through Flickr’s Creative-Commons licensed images. so we don’t always have the particulars. It is a cute cat, though!

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